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About Shruti Foundation


The Shruti Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization based in Tampa, Florida whose mission is to preserve and promote the rich, cultural heritage of Indian Classical music, as well as to showcase Indian music interactively with other music from around the world, through public concerts, workshops and educational outreach programs.


The Shruti Foundation aims to foster awareness, understanding and appreciation of Indian Music, showcasing prominent Indian Music artists performing Indian Classical or Indian Fusion Music.

We aspire to provide a grand opportunity for quality global musicians from abroad, to come, perform and share their music with our community.

As a promoter of the performing arts from India, The Shruti Foundation in addition, seeks to showcase Indian Dance in some of our events and hopes to initiate, strengthen and grow connections with other performing arts organizations.

We recognize the power of music and it's strong influence on society, especially our youth. We also believe music can have profound effect on daily life. With this understanding, we aim to utilize our efforts in this field as an additional force of good in the world by striving to unite diverse cultures through the rich and colorful heritage of traditional music from around the world with our integrative concerts, workshops, outreach programs and other special events.

Board Members


Shankhachur Lahiri

Board of Directors

Dr. Manohar Apte, Dr. Yashwant Ginde, Sunil Majethia

Executive Board of Committee

Heather DeRigo-Lahiri, Dr. Satish Ankalikar, Anant Jani, Dr. Naeem Abrahani, Inge Mooney, Akshay Dev Wankhede, Awais Siddiqui, Avinash Sharma, Shaila Kadapa

The artists

Upcoming Concerts

The Shruti Foundation



Tampa Bay Indian Music and Dance Festival

Sunday, Aug 26, 2018

This year we're excited to present


Maestro Ustad Irshad Khan (Sitar)

Saraswathi Ranganathan ( Carnatic Veena)

Indradeep Ghosh (Hindustani Violin)

Megaraja Rao Venupuri (Mrdingam)

Shankh Lahiri (Tabla)

Madhuri Gudla and Group (Kuchipudi Dance)


Early Birds discount Tickets are available till 08/26/2018


and many more... 

Membership and Tickets

The Shruti Foundation Memberships

  • Gold

  • $1000.-

  • 5 Annual Concerts

  • 1 Annual Festival

  • 4 VIP ($50/each) Passes to each concert

  • Save $200

  • Silver

  • $500.-

  • 5 Annual Concerts

  • 1 Annual Festival

  • 2 VIP ($50/each) Passes to each concert

  • Save $100

  • Bronze

  • $250.-

  • 5 Annual Concerts

  • 1 Annual Festival

  • 1 VIP ($50) pass to each concert

  • Save $50

  • Event Pricing

  • $50.- VIP (Front Row)

  • $25.- General

  • $15.- Students

  • $15.- Children under age 15

  • Buy Now

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