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Shankhachur Lahiri Featured

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Posted by  Saturday, 09-26-2015
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Shankhachur Lahari Shankhachur Lahari Akshay Dev Wankhede

The inspiration behind the The Shruti Foundation concept blossomed from the Shruti School of Music in Mumbai, a non-profit organization and family run school by Shankh and his sister and brother - (both highly respected musicians in the Indian Classical field of Music). Shankh has held a key role as a Founding Member and Director from its very inception.

Shankhachur comes from a family with a strong tradition of Indian Classical Music and has fully devoted his life to this art. Son of the visionary sitarist and Guru Shri Rabindranath Lahiri (disciple of Ustad Dabir Khan), he grew up in an environment imbued with the fragrance of Hindustani music. As a child, he received intensive training in both vocal and tabla from his father and went on to graduate with a Sangeet Visharad in both subjects. He later took advanced talim in tabla from Pt. Sandeep Dev in Kolkata.    Currently Shankh, (as he is lovingly known in the fraternity), is a devoted senior disciple of world-renowned tabla maestro Pandit Nayan Ghosh.

Shankh is a beloved instructor here at Shruti A.I.M and continues to share his knowledge with many eager and different cultural students from many years in Tampa, Florida and others from around the world.

   Apart from his busy schedule as an Internationally touring and successful Indian Classical performer and teacher.

   Shankh continues his vision of "Inspiring & Bridging The World Through Cultural Music" with his World fusion band "Wahh!"'Wahh!' in India is a popular word that expresses 'Great Inner Joy and Appreciation'...'Wahh!' is a spectacular blend of East meets West in true Fusion Music style, using the scintillating sounds of Indian Tabla and Vocal overtones, 'Wahh' fuses a modern approach weaved in with Sitar, Bansuri Flute, Western Drums, Guitar and Bass. It Combines Indian Raga music and Western harmonic melodies with an infectious Rhythm section creates a strikingly impressive blend of Musical style and instruments. With such diversity, 'Wahh!' offers a wide appeal to all types of audiences.

    Shankh & Friends Kirtan is Shankh's unique Kirtan muiscal group that is characterized by using the rich, traditional musical history of his cultural upbringing from India and comprising of all leading, professional musicians- offering an authentic taste of Indian Kirtan with a fresh, modern feel. Shankh decided to create this dynamic Musical Group to share his natural Kirtan knowledge and Musicianship from India with the West and perform it in an unparalleled feast of integrative Spiritual nourishment and delicious musicality.

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